Step Back

Proofs, samples and finished pieces strewn about.

Do you ever take a step back and look at your desk and say, wow, I’ve got a lot going on right now? As I was packing up the other day to go home from the office, I looked around my desk and noticed all of the different pieces that I have in production at the moment.

All of these pieces are related to the Georgia CALLS project that I’ve been working on and getting ready for the grand opening. Seeing all of the pieces laid out on my desk gave me a sense of satisfaction to see the brand developing consistently across the different media.

So, in the midst of crunch time, make sure you take the time to step back and get a fresh look at your current projects … you might be pleasantly surprised at your accomplishments.

Why I’m Switching Back

iphoneI’ve been an Apple freak since 1983 when my dad bought us an Apple IIe and learned how to write my first code on that thing when I was in the 4th grade. Flash-forward 30+ years and I still use Apple products every day. But, after some serious back and forth in my mind about getting a new phone I jumped ship and tried an Android out. GASP.

I bought an LG G2 last December and I really feel I’ve given it a fair shot but I can honestly say that I’ve missed my iPhone. I miss the simplicity in the UI. I miss the super-easy configuration, the consistency in the UI across apps, the tactile feel of the device and lastly the seemless tie-in across devices.

Sure, the Android is way more configurable and I can modify all kinds of settings that I can touch on the iPhone but as excited as I was about those tweaks when I got the phone I can honestly say that at this point it’s more of a hassle than anything. I just want it to work and want it to look clean. I want everything to be where it should be and this is where Apple excels.

So, come fall I’ll be returning to my roots and recertifying my Apple junkie card. Goodbye LG and welcome back iPhone.

Content Before Design

I know this is old hat but the longer I’m in the business of building websites – and designing for print for that matter, the more I see the importance of crafting your content before the design visuals. By nature of the act of designing you are aligning and presenting information in a fashion that communicates most effectively.

Sure, a general look can be agreed upon and a brand should be defined before the supporting components such as a website, brochure etc. but my point is this. Lorem Ipsum can only get you so far. The nuances of context and explicitly defined calls to action are key to coming up with a winning design.

Figure out the content in detail first, then drive the design home with intent and purpose! Otherwise, you’ll just spin your wheels as the content changes.